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Talk Hydro

Ontario’s electricity sector is changing and we’re at a pivotal moment to decide how our local hydro utility can deliver the best value and service for community members in the City of Waterloo, Township of Woolwich and Township of Wellesley.

On August 31, 2017, we completed the Talk Hydro public consultation. The City of Waterloo, Township of Woolwich and Township of Wellesley will now use the Talk Hydro evaluation criteria to balance the technical comprehensive review and public sentiment.

See our findings in the the Waterloo North Hydro – Public Engagement Findings Report.

This feedback will be incorporated into a recommendation that will be presented to the Councils of the three municipalities in the fall of 2017. They will direct the Waterloo North Hydro Holding Corporation Board, informing the future direction of Waterloo North Hydro.

Our Options

We conducted a comprehensive review of the changes in Ontario’s electricity distribution sector and the main options many municipalities across the province are considering for their local hydro utilities. Through this review process – and by hearing from you – we’ll determine the best path forward for Waterloo North Hydro customers, employees, and shareholders.

Have Your Say!

Waterloo North Hydro is a public utility that is owned by you: the residents of the City of Waterloo, the Township of Woolwich and the Township of Wellesley. Before making any decision on the future of Waterloo North Hydro, we want to hear from you. Let’s Talk Hydro.

Keep our Waterloo North Hydro under local ownership and control as it is now.

Local control is really important. Because of that, I don't think Waterloo North Hydro should buy up other utilities.

Waterloo North Hydro has always offered great customer service. A merger, at this time may affect the utility's ability to maintain that level of service.

Look for efficiencies with other local hydro distribution companies in Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph.

Keep our rates as low as possible and jobs stay in our communities.

Waterloo North Hydro must maintain control. Keep the Head Office where it is. Reduce the costs but cutting out duplication - jobs. Don’t need three heads of accounting/finance, operations, etc. Don’t need 3 Presidents. Merge with Kitchener and Cambridge

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Why Now?

See how many Ontario municipalities are making changes to their electricity distribution companies.

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Everything you need to know about our goals, process, and timelines for exploring options for Waterloo North Hydro.

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