Evaluation Criteria

A Balanced Approach

Understanding the short and long-term impacts of all options to customers, employees, and community members will ensure a balanced approach to our decision-making process.

Customer Focused

Impact on Customer Rates – distribution rate only

Reliability and Service Levels

Synergies & Operational Efficiency Savings

Citizen Focused

Financial Return to the Municipalities

Local Control

Economic Development

Job Retention and Impact on Employees

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Evaluation Criteria

In addition to aligning with the Ontario Energy Board criteria, the three municipal shareholders, along with the Waterloo North Hydro Holding Company Board of Directors have developed Evaluation Criteria that is focused on our local service areas. These local criteria that will evaluate value and service for the shareholders and you – customers and community members.

Evaluation Criteria: Used to assess Our Options for the future of Waterloo North Hydro

Impact on Customer Rates
Distribution rates only – rates should decrease or at least be maintained within inflationary levels

Reliability and Service Levels
Response time and customer service metrics should improve

Synergies and Operational Efficiency Savings
Synergies and economies of scale should result in an overall increase in efficiency as measured by the cost per customer metric

Financial Return to Municipalities
Interest and dividend payments should increase or at least be maintained at existing levels

Local Control
May be diminished and should be assessed against shareholders’ comfort level

Economic Development
Support for economic development should be maintained

Job Retention and Impact on Employees
Maintaining local employment opportunities and minimizing negative impacts on existing employees are desirable

We want to hear what matters most to you! Please take our quick, three-question survey.

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Our Process

Everything you need to know about our goals, process, and timelines for exploring options for Waterloo North Hydro.

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Our Options

Like most municipalities across Ontario, the City of Waterloo, Township of Woolwich and Township of Wellesley are reviewing options for their local hydro utility.

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