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Keep our Waterloo North Hydro under local ownership and control as it is now.

Local control is really important. Because of that, I don't think Waterloo North Hydro should buy up other utilities.

Waterloo North Hydro has always offered great customer service. A merger, at this time may affect the utility's ability to maintain that level of service.

Look for efficiencies with other local hydro distribution companies in Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph.

Keep our rates as low as possible and jobs stay in our communities.

Waterloo North Hydro must maintain control. Keep the Head Office where it is. Reduce the costs but cutting out duplication - jobs. Don’t need three heads of accounting/finance, operations, etc. Don’t need 3 Presidents. Merge with Kitchener and Cambridge

Affordable rates, local control, local jobs.

It was hard to find the survey on the website -- probably because I looked for a tab, rather than reading the gray text on the main page. Did you pretest these materials? I wonder...

Ontario has lost control of Ontario Hydro, don't want that to happen here.

We need to keep our LDC under local ownership and control. This will keep accountability to the public at the forefront.

Remember the dividends won't stop coming if Waterloo North Hydro STANDS ALONE.

Sustainability and impact on the environment. Introduction of clean energies and moving away from fossil fuels.

Look at business and population growth over the 20 to 50 year planning period when making any decisions that would decrease local control of this valuable service and related assets.

At 56,000 customers today, we should look at what the project customer base will be in 20 years+ when making a decision, in order to ensure the public interest is best met over the longer term.

Please eliminate time of use priced.  As a senior it really affects my lifestyle.

A merger with Kitchener or Cambridge is logical with the natural regional alignment. Guelph or other areas do not build upon the logical and natural synergies with the region and constituents (customers, owners).

Acquisition is my preferred option, or merging with other Waterloo region utilities (i.e. Kitchener Wilmot Hydro).

Acquisition allows for maintained quality control, while expanding opportunities. Stand alone, is an option, but may not provide the same opportunities in regards to renewable energy and energy storage expansion.

How will my service be impacted by a potential merger?

Is privatization on the table?

How will you come to a decision?

Would an ownership change lower my electricity bill?

Why are you looking at options now?

When will a decision be made?

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